About Us

We are small Factory in Bulgaria for mobile stations for fast food end kitchen equipment – cooked corn, steamed corn, hot dog, pancakes, potato spiral, roasted meat and more.

We are on the Bulgarian market from 2010 year and currently expanding our business in the international field.

We give to our customers products with high quality  and fair prices.

All carts are made of galvanized sheet iron, stainless steel, 3 mm paint, 4 castors – 2 of them are with stopers, doors with locking mechanism and two keys, 3 protective glasses with gauge 5mm, ad space. This is an collapsible construction of polycarbonate with UV protection and advertising space.

All of the stations can be equipped with electric and gas appliances. For the gas appliances, We put the container and the adjoining hoses. All of the appliances are made of stainless material, with certificate for quality.

All of the stations have certificate for quality assurance for the appliances and the materials ISO 9001:2008.

Best regards from Bulgaria!

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