produkt 01Professional gas grill with smooth steel plate suitable for restaurants and kebab equipment, indoor and outdoor space

-Power 3700w

-stomanena plate

-nerazhdaem housing

-piezo lighter

-Size 520 x 450 x 230 mm

Price: 160 €

produkt 02Professional grill suitable for restaurants, wraps, indoor and outdoor spaces.

-Stomanena Plate 5 mm

-Nerazhdaem housing

-Piezo ignition

-Size 710/450/200 mm

-7400 Watts maximum power


Price: 200 €

produkt 03Professional sach for pancakes

-Diametar Plate F40

-material stainless steel

-Operating mode gas: Low pressure

-With self-immolation

-Suitable for both indoor and outdoor for spaces



Price: 110 €

produkt 04Professional gas fryer 5.5l, the unit is suitable for operation of indoor and outdoor spaces:

-Kapatsitet 5.5l

-Iztsyalo stainless steel

-Cost-effective operation of low pressure

-Piezo ignition



Price: 150 €

produkt 05 Dual burner

-Piezo ignition

-MODE operation, low pressure

-Head casing inox





Price: 40 €


produkt 06 We offer you professional popcorn machine from high quality stainless steel materials of guaranteed lowest prices! Gas appliances are of low pressure with minimum gas consumption, with greater productivity, double encapsulated bottom ice lighting and completely non-corrosive parts comply with the requirements agency more food.




Price: 250 €





produkt 07

Popcorn machine current

– Stainless steel housing
-Duble heater to heat the popcorn
-Teflon basket
-Large capacity performance
-Size 50/40/70



Price: 250 €


produkt 08

Electric fryer (single) with a capacity of 5.5 liters.

-Stainless INOX
-Power 2.5 kW.
-Size: 280 x 440 x 320 mm.
-Weight: 5.5 kg.




Price: 100 €



produkt 09Professional electric fryer with stainless steel housing. Individual electric. Power for each bath.

-Model: OP-82
-Capacity 2 x 5.5 liters
-Power 2.5 + 2.5 kW.
-Size 560 x 440 x 320 mm.
-Weight 11 kg.



Price: 200 €

produkt 10 Professional hot dog machine spit 2 + stove thermostat

-Power 2 x 60w + 800w
-Stainless steel housing
-Dimensions 390 h230 h280mm
-Weight 4 kg
-Produced in Bulgaria




Price: 100 €


produkt 11Machine crispy potato spirals Spiral Potato Slicer

uses patented technology spiral cutting

vegetables – potatoes, cucumbers, carrots, onions, etc.,

where most nutrients are retained

in vegetables – not obtained crushing

or shredding of the product.

Laser-cut blades allow

processing of a potato – cutting

and strung on a wooden skewer going for seven seconds,

and the resulting attractive form will impress your friends

family or customers.

Price: 50 €

produkt 12Professional device for pancakes / electric /

-Stainless steel housing, steel plate
-Power 1,6 kw
-U plate size 38 cm
-Thermostat to 250 degrees
-Produced in Bulgaria




Price: 170 €


produkt 13Professional gas toaster with ribbed cast iron plates
-Power 3.5 kW

-Stainless steel housing

-Dimensions 450h320h250mm

-Weight 17 kg




Price: 170 €


produkt 14Professional electric toaster with stainless steel casing and ribbed cast iron plates.

-Power 1.6 kW.

-Dimensions: 450 x 320 x 250 mm.

-Weight 17 kg.

-Thermostat to 300 degrees



Price: 170 €


  • For use in indoor or outdoor spaces well ventilated !
  • Suitable for cooking , frying and warmers . 
  • Dimensions: 34 x 4 cm 31 , 5 cm x 11 cm.
  • Working gas : G30; 30mbar.
  • piezo ingnition
  • 1.7kg.
  • price:25 €

image-628e0b810dce3272aedf2616a56dc20146f7e057e2705ccd7e241411be05c596-V Professional grill suitable for restaurants, wraps, indoor and outdoor spaces.

The grill is a semi smooth, semi ribbed and has a brush for cleaning.

-Steel Plate 6 mm

– stainless steel housing

-piezo ignition

-Size 710/450/200 mm

-7400 Watts maximum power


Price: 240 €

123969Hot dog machine Gas

– 3. aluminum skewers
-1 PC. Aluminum plate with Teflon coating
– Stainless steel housing
– Working under a low pressure


Price: 150 €